Monthly Archives: February 2011

Ah, hello there 🙂

I miss blogging. Kinda. Just finished mugging physics and i’m tired max but since i have the chance to blog, shall do so.
Would love to post Prague photos, but i don’t have any cuz i lost my camera 😥

The camera that stayed with me for over 5000 photos, for those good times and memories. 😥

Sigh, whats over’s over anyway.

Shall blog those daily things again since i’m kinda bored now.

Day 1 — Your best friend

Haha, blair and serena (L)

Um, my best friends fluctuate quite alot, so here goes…

Over these few months, this friendship has grown tremendously. Even for myself, i’m amazed at how close i grown to him haha. Bus rides home, random outings, studying, lunches, random slacking in class, outings, calls, texts – i’ve never had a friend as close as him before. It’s quite freaky though, having told alot of secrets and thoughts to him. I’ll cherish him for as long as this friendship goes on.

Ah, haha. My companion for the past 1 year in 3E. Always going for recess and stuff together, and though she may not show it, i know she loves me lots too 8) Hehe. I can always trust her. 🙂

Marcus (?)
Lol, my choir junior. I guess over the past 3-4 months we’ve reallly grown closer, much to the fact that we stood next to each other in prague performances, and the fact that he took my pitchpipe and stuff LOL. A really fun person to be with, and always there if you need lame jokes and crazy random stuff to lighten moods 🙂

Deon (?)
EH.. Lol i don’t exactly tell him EVERYTHING but i guess it’s really easy to tell him stuff. Like, our personalities just click! Haha. He’s just a really good confidante and friend 🙂

Eh heheh, this bimb but smart friend of mine, always looking for fun and spastic-isms LOL. Enjoy times with her. 🙂

Gosh, i miss them 😦

Bryan H.
Haha yup, friends again. It’s always been fun having him as a friend. Plus can talk philosophy to each other LOL.


I shall now.. go blog hopping heheh! 🙂
Realised how much i missed out on so many things.

K nevermind shall go mug physics -_-

Toodles! 🙂


Hey, world.

Haven’t blogged in god knows how long. But i guess this’ll be a great place for me now, to just pour everyth out.
Hahah, now lets see. Since 29 Aug is like a shit of a long time.

1. Iceskating 9/9/10
2. EOY
3. Results
4. Prague (L)
5. Taiwan

Ain’t gonna elaborate though. Maybe next time. 🙂

Am in a dilemma now, i really don’t know what to do. I’m like totally stuck in the middle of staying or moving on.
Shall rant in another post.

Toodles, i’ll see you soon 🙂