Monthly Archives: April 2011

Longing to go places to take awesome photogs.

Resolution of the year ^_^

Kays anyway, just taking a break from my Lang Arts mugging! My throats feeling… better thank goddd, so yeah i gotta really take even better care of it! :/

Addicted to Katy Perry’s ET nao, it’s like ringing in my head haha! 8)

Infect me with your lovin’, fill me with your poison

Went back t schl today, life’s been so hard with so much info needed to squeeze into the little brain of mine 😦 Physic’s been real tough from the start, and according to Mr Koh we’ve just entered the difficult few chapters. Oh gosh someone please save me 😦

Been feeling up down and all around for the past few days, literally. Choir’s pfmance’s been inconsistent but i’m just gald we’re all here wanting to make it right. Well, i hope so.

Also with my sore throat and all, i’m just really worried 😦 Just hope i’d get betta by like, tmrw. ._.

Trips home with marcus has been rather epic, laughs and all lol.
Just escaped going to Bishan by a close shave tday but okay i felt bad.

Happiness is…

1. Good grades (honest)
2. Β Being with people you can talk to
3. Tumblring awesome photos
4. Thinking back on beautiful memories
5. Loving
6. Being loved
7. Approval
8. Smiles
9. Having people, friends and family
10. Most imptly, being alive and living.


But well, there’ll be times where we’d feel

But i guess that’s just life.

You told me i wasn’t replaced, that you were always there and i’ve never lost you.
But we’re still distant. So enough with the crap,
what really happened t us?

Actl i realise i’m caring less and less.



I’m going t go back to my tumblr, media study and spamming of E.T! πŸ™‚

Toodles! (waves)


Short update tday.

Urm, yeah i’ve been using much more of my tumblr:
to post photog and stuff so urm, idk, will touch this blog whenever i have the time.

Finding quite hard to continue motivations for maths, 😦

Stayed home today, cuz of my super ultra annoying urgh sore throat. (severe inflammation, to be precise)
Can’t believe this is happening t me when syf’s just 3 days away 😦

Ah well, i will regain my voice back. I hope. :/

Toodles, back t disgusting trigo (am trying reaaaaally hard okay)!

I would love to have rewinds.

Okay i’m back. T waste time omigawd. But idrc now, i’m just really tired and want to ranttttttttttttttttt.

My dad just barged in and told me i needa go (sleep???) idk what LOL. K bye post next time. πŸ™‚