Cupcakes :)


Hehe had a nice baking session on Sat hehe 🙂 Was gonna bake before Deon came to teach maths but he wanted to join in so yup! Met at simei to buy the supplies and HAHAHAHA his feet couldn’t touch the ground when we were sitting down waiting for the bus cuz it was too short.. Okay i shouldn’t suan la heh 8) Anyway it was kind of my first time baking some pretty cupcakes with icings and stuff hehe. But i gotta admit without my mom or deon it’d have been a complete mess HAHA, spilt cookies all over in the first place -whoops!- Went to this super awesome place for dinner @ raffles city!! It’s called potato depot haha quite special and yummy 😀

Hadn’t been on the com for the past two days 🙂 It’s kinda fulfilling though, having an off-com therapy. Hahaha 🙂 Wednesday was a total no-text-no-call (besides one from my mom and sis) day. Was kinda shocking hahah but i felt kind accomplised i guess? O: Oh and i saw Clara and RZ @ Parkway on that day too 🙂 Nice seeing them happy hehe. Went to run with choir for PT on friday, felt really good and satisfying to jog and exercise after a relatively long time teehee. Going back to choir made me smile and realise that i really do love that place, regardless of the reasons i wanted to leave. So i guess i’d just have to see how the D’MVMT auditions go. I may not get in anyway haha 🙂

Baby you light up my world like nobody else,
The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed.

Went to Bugis St w fam today, gotta go back there sometime to get some stuff i saw whilst walking!! Couldn’t have stopped to shop cuz grandparents were there and it was sooooo crowded anyway 😦 Hahaha. And well, kinda had an empty feeling inside cuz Bugis always reminded me of.. someone. Whom i didn’t wanna be reminded of. But whatever it is i guess not being close will be the best for both of us cuz nothing would have come outta it anyway. Okay nicole you can stop thinking about it now!!!!

Kay i’ve gotta go study HCL now. Really grateful for Lian Lao Shi though, he’s been giving loads of awesome articles and worksheets and stuff. I’ve gotta take this chance to prove myself to everyone, including myself. It’d be the last and only chance in this rotten year.

Toodles! Till next time 🙂

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