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Hey, world.

(The first part of this post’s been drafted for a super long time and i guess imma post it now..)

We’re about to enter senior high. It’s kinda scary, how time passes like this. How we all entered as a cohort and grew up together. I must say junior high was never easy for me, despite many people thinking so. Often misunderstood, it was never easy for me to break out of the vicious self fulfilling prophecy that I’d never really do well. But honestly, i only had myself to blame. Throughout so many years, i’ve always done either badly/mediocre and i’d always promise (so-called) myself and others that i’d really “put in effort the next time”, when in fact i didn’t.

So i guess the debt from the 4 years that i had wasted away was too much for me when it all came crashing down on me, 4 months before eoy ended. Which was quite a sad thing, really, given that i gave in my all this eoy and ended up with some shitty results. But i guess because of all these setbacks i’d emerge stronger and i’d know what not to do in future.

I just don’t wanna be a disappointment to my parents, my friends and myself anymore.


So yup, this holiday’s been really great cuz i feel that (well, almost) every moment spent was meaningful in one way or another.. It’s been a reaaaaaaaaaaaaally long holiday and looking through my organiser, i’ve been rather busy hahahaha 🙂

November | RWS Interview, HCL ‘O’ Levels, SCO Concert Pfmance, YEP Comm Outing, Choir Chalet, World Orchid Conference @ MBS, Choir Practice, Family Day, Studying, Coaching, D’MVMT Auditions, Visiting Camps 🙂

December | More Coaching, Subj Combi Released, Shouyi & Szewing’s Farewell Dinner, Caroling practice, Fix camera, Studying, Marche w/ family, Visiting Camp, M’sia trip, Jiaying’s house, Caroling Prac, Dinz with 2G babes, GOT MY LONG AWAITED IPHONE, Fam gathering, Caroling @ Sentosa  🙂

Woah, lol, just typing it out made me realised how jam-packed this holiday hehe. Shall blast out all details here since i haven’t been updating for sucha long time oops. ^_^ Okay so, initially i’d already been selected for the Resort World Sentosa work attachment and all the hype was there + the pay was a awesome $7/h rate, but i was forbidden to start the work attachment cuz the commitment date was too long and the Y5 level head disallowed due to my bad results lol. But i guess it came out as a good thing cuz i had so much more time to do other stuffs 🙂 Anyway, HCL ‘O’s was manageable, i guess. Zuowen and gonghan came out to be more fluent than paper 2, praying that my A1/A2 will still be in the bag..
Choir Chalettttttttttttt ^_^ Pictures speak a thousand words, right? Hehe.

It was really fun to the ultimatum hehe 🙂 Plus it was so near with a straight bus home for me so it was really really convenient! Games and all were cute lah hahaha 🙂

Okay next up for photo spam is.. *drumroll*..

Really thoroughly enjoyed myself at this camp 🙂 And it was also my last camp as an Assistant Coach!! -hyperventilates- Hahahah. Coached a recourse group of 13 people with Julian and it was really a great experience, plus this coaching team was really really tight knit 🙂 OH HOW I MISSED COACHINGGG :>

Okay so in the midst of coaching, i took a few hours off to DMVMT Auditions and messed it up entirely -sighs- But i guess it was an experience? 🙂 Plus i kinda really like hiphop now, maybe i’d go Danzpeople/Oschool someday hehehe!

Visited the first senior camp few days after that and went out with Isaac after that to Vivo boardwalk haha 🙂

And guess what!
MY PARENTS ALLOWED ME TO DO ANOTHER CAMP FOR THE SEASON! -JOYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY- Plus this camp’d be my OJT camp alrdy, so yep i took a group by myself 🙂 Only have one shot with me now, will update when i get the rest hehe!

Taking a group on my own was tough but extremely fulfilling and it really made me improve myself in many ways 🙂 And i passed OJT! Heheheheheh -grins- I guess one really memorable thing from camp would be the thing on Nathan (my participant). Before it, i had quite a few hiccups here and there in doing my best to communicate and help him. It was really vexing when he was upset and everything but on grad night he came to me w tear filled eyes and hugged me saying “thanks coach nicole, thanks so much…… i held both my parents’ hands for the first time..” It touched me to tears, literally. :’)

Subj Combinations were released and i got my first choice (H1 Bio + H2 Geog, Econs, Maths) haha. Quite worried for H2 Maths cuz my maths is really quite cui :/ But i’d put in effort like how i did it during this year’s EOYs 🙂 It’s never too late, ain’t it? 🙂

Mmmm next main event would be caroling practices @ NYJC haha 🙂 It’s really different i guess, much more relaxing and fun haha. And all the singers there are really great 🙂 Will post on caroling in the next few days 🙂

Anyway my camera was spoilt for awhile so i had to send to repair -sadface- in which Shouyi and Szewing’s farewell dinner @ Parkway Fish & Co. followed 🙂 Saw Ruizheng in the kitchen and apparently he cooked bryan’s pasta dish HAHA! Group photos at the bottom 🙂 The Y5s did some really awesomely funny gift for Shouyi, hand painted shirt w abs and armpit hair HAHAHAHAAH.

Went to M’sia with family for 3-4 days but i’ve got no picts cuz my DSLR was still servicing!! 😦 But it was quite fun nevertheless. Da gu was quite mean to my sis though 😡 Don’t know why sigh.

Shortly after we (winne, reena, me) had a gathering at Jiaying’s house to just slack, play wii and laze around haha! Reena and winne were like mad women playing the wii boxing 😀 It was quite nice hehehehe 🙂 BUT SUPAH FAR LAH LOL.

Dinz with 2G babes @ Astons at T1!! It’d been a really long time since we’ve met up and it was really nice just meeting and catching up over dinner and sitting at the viewing gallery to talk ❤

Hehe 🙂 This is sucha long post omigosh. But okay i’m about to hyperventilate here cuz i’m mentioning that i got my long awaited new iphone ^____________________________^ Wooooooohooooo ❤ So pretty and awesome and everyth HAHAHAAHAH. Okay shall stop 😡

Had a christmas gathering w fam before cousins flew off to europe, LUCKY THEM! Haha. Edwin’s especially lucky cuz he got to go USA (inclusive of Disney World and Universal Studios with had the HARRY POTTER THEME PARK thing -jealous ttm!!!!!!-) then come M’sia w us and now he’s in Europe -__________________- LUCKYBOII95 PLEASE. Hahahaha.

Okay shall end this post. Hehe finally right. :B Next post’ll be on Caroling and days at Sentosa!! 🙂

Till next time folks! Merry belated christmas!! Hope y’all all had a memorable holiday season heheheeh 🙂